vPaaS by The Meet Group

The Meet Group’s vPaaS, Video-Platform-as-a-Service, powers six of the world’s largest video dating apps with livestreaming video, and, across our networks, vPaaS surpassed $200 million of revenue on an annualized basis across our 8.9 million viewers and 1.2 million broadcasters each month.

Our easy-to-integrate video SDK package provides industry-leading, sophisticated AI moderation complemented by 500+ human moderators, a 34-person talent team, and tens of millions of dollars a year worth of ongoing software optimization and feature releases. vPaaS, which can power any website, app, social network, or dating community, provides a much richer experience than exchanging text messages or swiping left or right.

Our livestreaming solutions have created the most engaging dating communities in the world — video enable your app or website today.

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