3 Pieces of Security and Payment Advice From PSP Dating Businesses Can Use to Thrive in 2020

Love is blind they say, but your dating business operation shouldn’t be. We looked through the latest updates on dating trends in few forecasts, and want to point out few non-obvious points, you as a dating business owner, can use to talk to your visitors and convert them into clients and tune your own business in 2020 to thrive.

Apps are getting a bad rap, so use it to your advantage.

Funny enough dating apps require way more personal data and have more potential security breaches than traditional dating websites. The Datingroo, a U.K.-based online dating research company, looked into the ten most popular dating apps in the Google Play app store in July 2019. They picked 45 personal data access points across 13 categories and concluded that dating apps rarely consider security, focusing on cute gamification, cartoonish awards and design instead.

All the 10 most popular apps had access to media, files (besides photos) and could read USB storage content. Seven of them could easily find contacts and accounts on the device. It allows half of those apps to access device ID and call information. Two of the most popular online dating platforms with over 522 million users worldwide access 92% of the user’s data. Imagine users store on the phone scans of their driving license or a passport. It’s easy to access them directly via the app. Have any billing info on your smartphone? Don’t have stickers over your cameras? Want to avoid location tracking? If your potential clients imply that apps are safer to use – make sure you’ll have your rebuttals ready.

Be transparent, explain that there’s no “free” without “fee” in it.

A big chunk of the dating industry remains free to sign-up and use. This is obviously not bad and makes sense, but it also obvious that if you’re not paying for the product — you are the product. So users expose themselves not only for fraudsters but also for the big corporations. For example, everyone got excited when Facebook entered a dating market with over 2.3 billion active users. Do more data produce better matches? Your potential clients might not know what they are getting themselves into when they leaning towards “big players” in the dating industry.

People forget that Facebook owns WhatsApp and Instagram, so that’s a full track record of a person during the day, way beyond the non-stop location tracking. The algorithm promises to recommend people with similar interests, GPS passes, check-ins and page likes but ultimately that’s restricting. And that’s where the fees step in. Users can “unlock” locations. As one commentator put it: “Compatibility is all about a high level on personality similarity between prospective mates for long-term mating with commitment and not meet other people with similar interests or political views”. The appeal of dating has is built on the sensation of meeting new people, that clients might not come across in real life. The fact that someone decides upon users to keep their dating interests “in their lane” by default is troubling. Remain transparent and anytime you hear anything about “free dating apps or sites” – have your facts in order.

Aim for a sweet quarter

Consider more subscription versatility in terms of your dating segment. The 2019 report on the online dating service market made it clear that between annual, quarter, month and week-based subscription users prefer quarterly renewals. Dating site customers on average spend on registering and renewing memberships $243, so consider, if haven’t already, tweaking the fee plans and payment solutions. In Maxpay we offer flexible billing periods and subscription billing schemes optimized by country, card type, authorization amount, seasonality and approval rate trends.

“Online dating industry is expected to grow annually at a 6% rate, which will make it reach $9 202 million by 2025. Factors like rising internet penetration, rising single millennials, changing the perception of online dating, increasing smartphone penetration etc. will contribute to that growth.”— says Vasiliy Mayor, Chief Commercial Officer in Maxpay. “We are ready to provide more flexibility with custom interval billing, customer segmentation and even day time to test the impact on your dating business”.

Considering the market velocity, business owners are on their toes to provide the most seamless yet fascinating experience for clients. As a PSP, we advise making sure you’re bringing more value and show more genuine concerns about your potential customers’ well being. Offer advanced anti-fraud system and full support of alternative payment methods your clients love to use. Are you ready to conquer 2020?

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