NMS: A Partner, Not Just a Provider

New Media Services (NMS) has been the partner of many companies in terms of delivering quality services. Working in the background to ensure each client gets the best out of each plan, NMS takes into account the preferences of clients, their core values and the overall company targets.

By being more than just a simple supplier or provider of services, NMS has nurtured lasting partnerships with clients for either long-term operations support or recurring campaigns and projects.

NMS as a Partner

Hands-on and Open
NMS boasts a very hands-on and supportive team. From our Founder, CEO, Managers, Team Leaders and Staff; each one does their part to deliver services and meet targets.

Being hands-on has always been the best way for NMS to show each client that focus is never an issue and that understanding the in’s and out’s of each client’s operations more than just important – it is vital to how NMS can become a better partner in the best interest of the client.

Account Management
Each client is assigned an Account Manager (AM) that becomes the representative of the client within the company. An AM will always make a client’s concerns a priority whether in terms of adding new services, following-up on existing ones and even ensuring that invoices are correct to-the-decimal.

In NMS, the standard rule will always be – “The Account Manager is the Client.”

This means the AM will be on the look-out for each and every pressing concern the client raises and will make sure the teams or department involved are updated on what needs to be addressed.

Operations Management
Apart from having an AM, NMS as a partner, will also assign an Operations Manager (OM) that has a more specific task: To ensure deliverables are met and standards are maintained.

Productivity reports, manpower requirements, scheduling and all day-to-day needs are handled by an OM. The main goal is to keep things going for all existing services, motivate staff and keep the AM (and of course, the Client) happy.

The foundation of this partnership is communication. By keeping communication channels open, every big target and minute detail can be discussed, assessed and given a corresponding solution.

Keeping a clear communication trail helps build a partnership based on clarity. This clarity flows down to better management and operations as well as giving rise to possible improvements which will be mutually beneficial.

One of the best qualities of NMS that allows for a better partnership is flexibility. By being open to providing tailor-made solutions and flexible services, NMS can better accommodate the needs of each particular client.

Flexibility helps make a service gain an identity that is truly aligned with the client’s own core values and specific targets. By partnering with NMS, each assessment will be unmistakably client-focused and less generic.

Lasting Relationship
NMS never forgets a partner. Whether working for the short-term or for the long-term, NMS values history by taking into account pervious interactions, business and projects. This helps NMS in offering the best pricing, the correct teams and the most effective deliverables.

NMS has had recurring clients that work with us on numerous short projects or campaigns; always returning once the needs arises, NMS will always be there to help.

Taking Care of Clients and Contacts
One of the things NMS prides itself for is the willingness to assist clients and their contacts or referrals. By having a large percentage of clients giving word-of-mouth recommendations, NMS takes great care in not letting clients down by providing their referrals with the same quality a partner expects.

The NMS Advantage

Tailor-made Business Outsourcing Services. Our flexible business process outsourcing services are being used as cost-effective solutions to handle customer and organizational communications.

For more information about New Media Services, contact author Anastasiia Bilous on ab@newmediaservices.com.au