NMS in Action: Customer Support

New Media Services (NMS) has provided customer support to various clients for more than a decade. Focusing on ease of setup, fully capable staff and good supplier relations, NMS can handle a variety of customer support outsourcing services.


Under the Online Services Department, our customer support services give full coverage of all client concerns through:

  • Voice – the standard support via phone calls that allows for both incoming and outgoing customer support
  • SMS – convenient and quick, SMS or text messaging support is applicable for those who are on the go and want support
  • IM Chat – widely used and better for a well-rounded support experience, IM Chat Support offers direct customer assistance on-demand
  • Email – detailed and convenient, email support allows customers a way for their concerns to be addressed without the immediacy and urgency that accompanies Voice, SMS and IM Chat. This helps customers work within the time that is most available for them.
  • Refunds Management – assistance in addressing and providing refunds to customers by collecting relevant data for refunds and/or processing refunds in behalf of the client.
  • TFN and DID Provisioning – quick and easy setup of Toll-Free Numbers of Direct Inward Dialing Numbers  to be used for customer support services.

Case Study Samples

Voice Support

Application: Sales and Refund Processing
Industry/Client Type: HDTV Programming Provider
Problem: The client needed a provider to handle sales inquiries and refund requests

NMS Solution: The company acquired NMS’ Customer Support Services for sales processing and refund management.

Result: Through NMS, sales increased from 33.8% to 67.9% in a span of one month.

Efficiency soared from 57.3% to 89.7%

Fraud cases were reduced from 9.54% to 0%

Refunds decreased to only 7%

SMS Support

Application: Order and Delivery requests
Industry/Client Type: Flowers and Floral Supply Company
Problem: The client needed a text messaging system and manpower to handle the influx of orders and requests for deliveries during peak season.

NMS Solution: Using NMS’ “Live Operator Online Platform” for SMS (LOOP-SMS), each order and delivery request was handled effectively. These orders and requests were then forwarded to the client.

Result: 100% of inquiries and requests were answered. However, due to the sheer volume of orders and delivery requests, many customers were dissatisfied.

At the approval of the client, NMS Support Representatives issued refunds, discounts and complimentary gifts.

Email Support

Application: Product Assistance
Industry/Client Type: Do-it-yourself products
Problem: The Client’s supplier had a packaging error that resulted in ordered products getting shipped-out without assembly instructions. This resulted in customer frustration and complaints.

NMS Solution: Email support was acquired by the client to send customers the assembly instruction as well as additional after sales support.

Result: Customers received the instructions and the company saved on expenses by not physically shipping individual instructions to each customer. NMS also provided assistance by offering voice support to customers.

TFN and DID Provisioning

Application: Communication and Provisioning

Industry/Client Type: Medical Assistance
Problem: The client needed a Toll Free Number for their medical consultation service.

NMS Solution: NMS Provided a TFN to be used

Result: Client posted the TFN on their website and acquired NMS Voice Support for their non-medical support (refunds, scheduling, ticketing)

The NMS Advantage

Tailor-made Business Outsourcing Services. Our flexible business process outsourcing services are being used as cost-effective solutions to handle customer and organizational communications.

For more information about New Media Services, contact author Anastasiia Bilous on ab@newmediaservices.com.au