NMS Productions: Be The First & The Newest

NMS Productions (NMSP) is an international social media agency which is part of the well-established company New Media Services. NMSP is run by two young Dutch entrepreneurs: Oscar Mooy & Senna Kost.

From humble beginnings, NMSP first started out as a private start-up called “Young Dreamers” (Y/D). Based in Amsterdam, Y/D began with by organizing large events using their innate talent in creating unique and relatable promotions. This has led to several successful events.

These very qualities is how Y/D became NMS Productions; as New Media Services, who for years has provided Tailor-made Business Outsourcing Services, took notice and decided to offer video production services to clients.

Mirroring the flexibility and receptiveness that NMS is known for, NMS Productions provides a unique and fresh approach that takes into account the vision, preference and targets of each client.

NMS Productions

With this human-centric approach to social media and video productions, NMSP aims to deliver digital content partnered with clever distribution strategies. This approach results in tailor-made content with the potential to go viral on social media.

Digital content is simple, relatable and relevant while not losing focus on the client preferences or their campaign goals. NMSP always has a unique and fresh spin on proposed digital content making it the newest and the first across the web.

From projects like “Bedroom Secrets”, “6 Hour Match”, “How to Date” and the most recent project called “Daily Steam” NMSP has the potential to drive success by collaborating with clients to drive business and e-commerce results through channel management, distributions strategies, high quality video productions, influencer marketing and everything in between.

Case Study

The most recent project requested by a client involved the creation of an online community covering various interests and trends. This US-based online community aims to build a user population sharing content to spark discussions, lively interactions and communication.

Client: Daily Steam

Industry: Social Networking

Problem: Daily Steam requires increased exposure and generation of interest for the project through online micro-episodes.

NMSP Solution: The creation of various videos that are carefully planned-out, engaging and entertaining. This is partnered by cross-platform distribution via YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.


  • 77,4 million impressions
  • 9,7 million views
  • 3,4 million unique viewers
  • 79,7K subscribers
  • 6:51 minutes average view duration
  • 110,000 + average views per day
  • 97,3% like/dislike percentage
  • 2,8 average view per viewer

Get More with NMS

Tailor-made Business Outsourcing Services. Our flexible business process outsourcing services are being used as cost-effective solutions to handle customer and organizational communications as well as digital-content through NMS Productions.

For more information about New Media Services, contact author Anastasiia Bilous on ab@newmediaservices.com.au