Nuances of Working in B2B Sector

Being a Business to Business (B2B) company involves a lot of finesse especially in marketing and sales. Here at New Media Services (NMS), we have identified the degrees or nuances of having to offer our business and capabilities to another business for mutual benefit.

The Supplier to Potential Client strategy is viewed as a complex process and indeed it is on some level. Outlining relevant selling points to catch attention may be the knock on the door that is needed for a business to answer “Who’s there?”. But the main goal is to move from “Who’s there?” to “Oh it’s you!” to “I’m glad you’re here!”.

Who’s There? – How NMS Markets its Selling Points

More often than not, there is a decision making body that deliberates on what to get and who to acquire it from. This first hurdle is that knock on the door that businesses need to do. NMS has had experience in this is what we use to knock on a client’s door:

Social Component – mainly, we at NMS have gone far and wide by becoming the “go-to” company initially by simple word of mouth. We have clients, friends and acquaintances that have worked with us, know what we do or simply heard of us in passing. It’s an unofficial referral of sorts that can only result because of a previous job well done.

Pricing – decisions often rely on price. That question of “How much?” is almost never irrelevant. NMS has tons of price lists that are pre-made. Funny enough, we never use them. Why? Because the true pricing can only be decided upon after careful assessment. What’s great about B2B is that price negotiations are entered with the understanding that your business and my business both need to make money. Both parties understand costs vs final price. 

Set and Forget – we offer our services with the intent of saving you the stress of operating a part of your business by yourself at the expense of time – less worry, less time wasted. We get the relevant details, train the necessary staff, setup the needed equipment and all a client needs to do is check from time to time.

Oh It’s You! – Driving Forces to Success as a Supplier

As a supplier, making overly optimistic promises that can’t be delivered is a big no-no. What makes NMS an “Oh It’s You!” company? We are real. We make coordinated assessments, prepare agreed upon offers and set truthful expectations.

Direct and Informed – NMS works hard to know what to market to a specific client. We don’t like giving clients a list of services and asking them to pick. We ask you directly what your business is and we make an informed assessment of what you might need now and in the future.

Receptive and Reliable – to be remembered or to leave a mark on a client, a supplier must know how to market it’s potential. That means being open to suggestions and adjustments while being as dependable in making these changes happen.

Honest and Humble – not every suggestion or adjustment is doable. In these specific cases, it’s very important to be honest about why. Is it because of the budget? Is it because of a manpower constraints? Does it give rise to conflict?

Once that is properly explained and there is no easy solution (or no solution at all), be humble enough to state it. A business that knows it’s limits knows how to set the best expectations.

I’m Glad You’re Here! – Building a Realistic and Beneficial Partnership

B2B marketing and sales all leads up to this – a partnership. Multiple businesses working at a common goal and reaping the benefits of a real and lucrative partnership. The best way to do this is to be well coordinated:

Understanding identity, branding and mode of operations – a supplier should understand the identity of the client; Know the brand, the culture and the way the client operates. Sharing the same values while not overstepping the boundaries of the partnership. A supplier who knows a client makes it easy for the partnership to flourish without doubt or fear. When a supplier submits a new proposal, they have already considered the client’s possible reactions and suggestions.

Building solutions that are relevant – B2B suppliers don’t just supply what was asked, they help find problems that need to be addressed and they find solutions to make sure their clients are protected. A good B2B supplier knows when to identify an entry point for further marketing and sales. These entry points may not be as impressive on paper depending on the problem identified, but the supplier’s solution should definitely be efficient and effectively scalable.

In B2B, success is attained when everyone is on their feet and thinking. As the internal philosophy of NMS states: CVS-BVS

Always use the Current View of the Situation (CVS) to find an improvement that take you into a Better View of the Situation (BVS).

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