Have You Adopted .inc in Your Domain Strategy?

Six months ago, .inc was launched as the domain ending for business. The unconventional pricing strategy of one flat premium price for all domains originally drew scepticism on its potential for success. Now with 1,300 registrations, .inc has proven positive and unexpected results.

Two of the more noteworthy conclusions are who, and from where, businesses are purchasing .inc domain names. The premium price has not deterred small business adoption. In fact, SMBs and individuals made up 95% of October’s total sales volume and now account for 60% of the entire.inc namespace. The top three markets overall have been the United States, Japan, and the United Kingdom. This is notable because incorporation is not a legally-recognized type of business formation in the latter two countries. 

We have identified three primary reasons for .inc adoption: 1) .inc websites are seeing measurable SEO benefits; 2) .inc domains rank internationally in Google – unlike most ccTLDs; and 3) no premium or reserved .inc domains mean greater choice and affordability compared to the aftermarket. 

Three reasons why to buy .inc?


Callab, shortened their domain from CollabCreators.com to simply Collab.inc. – the website now ranks #1 in Google.

International Presence

Shift Plus a Japan-based company, used a ccTLD, which limited their ranking. Now Shiftplus.inc – ranks on the first page of Google in North America.


A marketing agency, Push.inc registered the domain Push.inc for $1,999,- compared to Push.com, which sold for $125,000 in 2003. This company saved over $120,000 that can now be invested in its business and people instead. 

Use .inc for your corporate sites, or branded URL shorteners.

Please contact your Account Manager to discuss the addition of .inc domain names to your portfolio- On +44 1908 200022 or email sales@safenames.net.