WhiteLabelDating.com Doubles USA Conversion Rate Following the Launch of New Native Payment Processor

WhiteLabelDating.com has doubled the conversion rate of dating sites in the USA following the introduction of a new domestic payment processor for their USA mainstream dating platform. 

WhiteLabelDating.com, the award-winning dating SaaS platform, has seen the percentage of same-day conversions across their Mainstream USA network soar following the introduction of their brand new domestic payment processor. Same-day conversions on the platform have more than doubled. 

Since launching with the new processing provider, the Company demonstrated an impressive +237.5% increase in payment success. Having launched a number of in-house tools towards the end of 2019, including Postback Tracking and a free in-house SEO tool designed to strengthen White Label Dating’s partners organic positioning for location specific pages, the opportunity to take advantage of the new formidable conversion rates is an exciting prospect for the Company’s new and existing partners. 

The Company predicts strong, reliable growth in the USA following the notable increase in payment success and the influence this has had on conversion rates. White Label Dating offers new partners 100% net revenue share as part of their rapid growth revenue share scheme, with the opportunity for partners to earn up to 80% net revenue share for life. 

Steve Pammenter, CEO and Co-Founder of White Label Dating, comments: 

“Our decision to expand into the USA was a strategic one – it’s online dating’s biggest market so the opportunity for our partners is huge. We’re thrilled with the uplift we’ve seen with the new payment processing across our USA Mainstream network. 

“As the USA database continues to grow and thrive, we’re excited to welcome on board a number of new partners, both in the USA and globally, that are excited to work with us as we roll out brand new USA specific niches throughout 2020 to further broaden growth opportunities.”

Visit the White Label Dating website here.