Bumble CEO Appears in New BuzzFeed Interview

Whitney Wolfe Herd, Founder of Bumble, has featured in a new video interview with BuzzFeed News.

It opens with a discussion of some of Bumble’s more political moves, such as banning rifles from profile photos.

The CEO says the decisions were in line with Bumble’s core values of “kindness, accountability, equality, [and] empowerment”.

The interviewee also singles out treating others as one would want to be treated as another core value, this time in relation to managing an office.

On her role in shifting traditional gender expectations, Wolfe Herd claims people often find change “alarming”. Big ideas make people uncomfortable, she adds, saying “something has to break” in order for progress to be made.

She admitted to “landing” in the tech space with little in the way of specific qualifications, before starting the company as a “reaction” to how she was being treated online.

A lack of digital “police officers” and “stop signs” made abuse easy, according to Wolfe Herd, who engineered her platform to raise levels of “accountability” online.

Bumble now has 50 million users. The founder says this puts new responsibilities on the company, likening the size of the community to a country.

Turning to the future, she says Bumble wants to go “everywhere”. This includes lobbying – the brand is actively involved with some government initiatives already, according to Wolfe Herd.

Find the full interview here.

Scott Harvey

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