Dating App Usage Up for Americans According to New Data 

New data released by consumer analytics platform, Civic Science, has revealed an increase in dating app usage. According to the research, 23% of all US adults currently use dating apps frequently, with 22% of users stating that they use apps more frequently than they were a year ago. The figure is up from 18% from the year previous. 

The data shows an interesting leaning towards use of dating apps by men, with 29% of men polled saying they use the apps with frequency, compared to just 18% of women. 

When users in the research were asked which dating app they were most likely to use in the next month, Tinder took the top spot with 27% of participants saying they were ‘very likely’ to return to the app, along with 45% who were ‘somewhat likely’. Interestingly, while Bumble saw a lower number overall, it fared better in terms of those determined to return, with 35% describing themselves as ‘very likely’ to spend time on the app in the next month. 

While research shows that dating app use and frequency has increased, there remains some question in terms of satisfaction with only 11% of users polled by Civic Service reporting that they had used dating apps and liked them. The figure suggests that user journey and satisfaction remains a key area for differentiation in a landscape of more and more dating app launches and innovation. 

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