Dig CEO Talks Dogs and Dating on The GDI Podcast!

Global Dating Insights was joined by Leigh Isaacson, the CEO of popular startup Dig, for the third episode of The GDI Podcast.

Dig is the dating app for dog lovers that has been taking the USA by storm ever since it was first released in 2018.

Leigh founded the product when her sister, and company CCO, Casey broke up with her boyfriend because he didn’t get along with her dog.

Dig has since entered a whole host of major cities across the country, with interactive launch parties in each new location. Dogs are always welcome to bring their “well-behaved humans” along to meet new people and discover companies that provide a range of pet services.

One of the app’s unique features is the option for users to create a profile on behalf of their dogs; because everyone knows a new romantic partner must be compatible with your furry friend.

Leigh, a former local news reporter, spoke to GDI about how Dig has managed to make itself heard in the crowded dating industry, the possibility of a future app for cat lovers, and whether or not an international expansion is on the cards.

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Dominic Whitlock

Dominic is the Editor for Global Dating Insights. Originally from Devon, England he achieved a BA in English Language & Linguistics from The University of Reading. He enjoys a variety of sports and has a further passion for film and music.

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