Exploring Naked Dating With BARE Co-founder on The GDI Podcast!

BARE caused minor controversy when the news of its inception first hit mainstream media.

The dating app that promotes full frontal nudity appears to be shallow and objective on the surface, but the deeper message is actually one of equality and empowerment.

It’s tagline ‘Your Body, Your Rules’ encourages users to take control of their digital footprint and only expose what they want to.

A revolutionary sliding mechanism allows matches to reveal parts of their bodies to each other whenever they are comfortable.

There is also no obligation to be nude, as users can choose to protect their identity by showing off fully clothed body parts before their faces.

Founded by Alex Sergent (VEE Dating), Phil Beesley (Gutsy) and Gillian Myhill, BARE officially launched in London at the beginning of March after a successful beta testing period.

Alex appeared on The GDI Podcast to explain how the team came up with the unique concept, how the product has been received so far and what the future expansion plans look like.

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