Google Gives Dating Industry Helicopter Perspective on The GDI Podcast!

Google is a brand that is synonymous with the internet and being online. The multinational technology company is obviously most well-known for its search engine, cloud computing software, and hardware products.

However, it has recently looked to invest more in analysing how the world spends its time online and helping app creators produce revolutionary new services.

ThinkWithGoogle is a website that offers editorial content and tools for marketers who want to keep up with the latest consumer and demographic trends.

It has done in-depth research on the online dating habits of Gen Z and Millennials, and the resulting reports have shown dating app owners how to most effectively get through to their target demographics.

Google’s John Senyard joined Dom Whitlock on The GDI Podcast to discuss some of the biggest trends online dating executives should be aware of, how AI can be utilised by dating companies and how the industry might develop over the next few years.

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