HER Unveils Exclusive Pride Updates

HER, a leading social media app for queer women, non-binary and trans daters, has announced two major updates. Set to launch on Saturday 1st June, ‘Pride Ready Profiles’ introduces a ‘Social Styles’ refreshed visual design in time for Pride Month. A second new feature, ‘Sapphic Types’, will follow closely behind on Tuesday 18th June and will encourage daters to take control away from the algorithm and into their own hands by niching down into shared hobbies and interests from the off.

HER spent several months researching compatibility in sapphic relationships in the run up to the launch of the new community-drive features. One of the most notable markers of dating success was found to be compatible social styles, something the app has concentrated on promoting within its new features. 

“For queer folks, we often fall into social groups that relate to our social styles,” said Robyn Exton, CEO of HER. “We all know the nightlife crew, the corporate power lesbian networkers; they’re different social groups. These become part of our identity (and dating pool) so being able to reflect that on Profiles and more importantly filter by it, is so important to sapphics as we start to plan for Pride”

The ‘Sapphic Types’ feature will allow users to instantly discover and connect with the Types they share the most common ground with. The first ‘Types’ to launch are also the most requested: ‘Inked Femmes’ and ‘Outdoorsy Queers’. The update will also see the introduction of a ‘Compatible Goals’ and ‘For You’ page. 

“We’re thrilled to release features shaped by our community’s needs,” said Darshy Narine, Product Head at HER. “Understanding social styles and compatibility fosters genuine connections. A lot of larger apps don’t get the opportunity to meet the specific needs women and queer folks have. We know that true compatibility comes from surfacing the nuanced parts of our identities like Sapphic Types and putting that choice and control back into the hands of our users.”

HER is the largest dating and community app for sapphic romance with 15 million registered users across the US, UK, Germany, France, Canada, Australia, Netherlands, Thailand and Brazil. The app launched in 2015 by founder Robin Exton, with the simple goal of becoming the first dating app for lesbian, bisexual and queer people.

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