Interview: Nordic PR Manager Explains Samsung’s ‘Refrigerdating’

In early 2019, Samsung made its first moves into the online dating space with the launch of ‘Refigerdating’ – a platform which connects singles from the contents of their fridges.

Based out of Scandinavia, Refigerdating sees users upload photos of their food choices and swipe through those of others.

GDI spoke to Elin Axelsson, Nordic PR Manager for TV/Audio and Home Appliances at Samsung, to find out more. Read the full interview below:

Elin Axelsson

Step by step, how does Samsung Refrigerdating work for users?

EA: “The mechanics of Refrigerdating is simple. The users create an account on refrigerdating.com and uploads a picture showing the inside of their refrigerator.

After that the users can start using Refrigerdating, liking or disliking other profiles (you swipe right to like and left to dislike). For two users to match and be able to contact each other, they need to like each other’s pictures/profiles.”

What was it that inspired the platform?

EA: “The idea first struck us when working with our refrigerator FamilyHub. FamilyHub allows you to see the inside of your fridge from anywhere, using your phone. All our products are developed to make every day-life easier for people. For example by making it easier for people to go grocery shopping or as in Refrigerdating: helping people find love.

With Refrigerdating, we hope that people can meet under more honest circumstances – with the help from one of the last honest self-portraits – the inside of our refrigerators.”  

What kind of user uptake have you seen so far, and in what geographies?

EA: “The users of Refrigerdating comes from all over the world but most of them are from the Nordics which is natural since it’s an initiative from here. We do not at this moment have an exact number of how many users there are, but more are joining the service each day.“

Is this service something Samsung is looking to monetise?

EA: “No, this is a service that aims to give people more options and a new way of finding love, nothing more.”

What does the future of Refrigerdating look like?

EA: “We do hope for success, and that Refrierdating will be viewed as a natural option when trying out different dating-services in the Nordics. However, we do not have any specific plans on expanding today, but who knows?”

Visit the Refrigerdating website here.

Scott Harvey

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