Lesbian Dating App Uses Facial Recognition to Ensure Only Biological Females Can Sign Up

A new dating app for lesbians is set to incorporate sex-recognition technology to ensure only biological females can sign up.

Founded by feminist campaigner, Jenny Watson, L’App will see would-be users go through a sign-up process that includes scanning their face with a smartphone. The software, which Ms Watson claims is 99 per cent accurate, will then analyse features including bone structure and the positioning of the individual’s eyes, brows and nose to verify them as a biological female. 

According to Ms Watson, the technology has been designed to identify potential deceptions by users, seeing through wigs and make-up, and detecting the difference between a live image and a photograph by sensing movement and heat emissions.  

In an interview, the L’App founder said she had developed the dating app after identifying the need for a place lesbian daters could find potential matches without being messaged by trans-identifying males. She suggests that the current crop of dating apps are increasingly used by males identifying as female, who say they too are lesbian. 

Ms Watson has previously hosted female-only speed dating nights and has future plans to open the UK’s first single-sex lesbian bar. As a campaigner for the protection of lesbian spaces, she has previously faced criticism for excluding transgender women – which she rejects. 

Launch details for L’App are still to be confirmed. 

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