New Apple iOS18 Feature Makes it Easier to Hide Dating Apps

The latest Apple update is set to arrive soon and one feature in particular has sparked much debate. The Apple iOS18 update will bring a host of new features to the iPhone’s billion users, but it is the ability to hide or lock apps on the iPhone home screen that has caused controversy, with critics suggesting it will make it easier for cheaters to hide dating apps from their partners. 

While the feature has been promoted by Apple as a way to safeguard banking apps and prevent unauthorised purchases on the likes of Amazon, many users have identified its potential as a tool for infidelity, leading to divided opinions on social media. 

“Users can now lock an app, and for additional privacy, they can hide an app, moving it to a locked, hidden apps folder. When an app is locked or hidden, content like messages or emails inside the app are hidden from search, notifications, and other places across the system,” Apple said in a statement released after their Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) on Monday.

All content, including messages and emails sent through the app, will become inaccessible once an app is locked or hidden. System-wide search and notification previews will also be hidden. The ‘Hide an App’ feature will allow users to completely conceal app icons on the home screen, turning off notifications for the duration the app is hidden. 

The functionality will apply to all downloads in the App Store, though would-be cheaters should take note that a ‘Hidden Apps’ folder created in the App Library will show everything currently concealed by the user.

Apple confirmed that users will also be able to lock built-in iPhone apps like Messages, Notes, Photos, Mail and Safari, requiring Face ID authentication to access. 

“Locked and hidden apps offer users peace of mind that information they want to keep private, such as app notifications and content, will not inadvertently be seen by others,” they explained in the announcement.

The rollout of Apple’s iOS18 update is scheduled to begin in September 2024.

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