Second Episode of The GDI Podcast Lands With WhiteLabelDating!

Global Dating Insights is delighted to release the second episode of The GDI Podcast!

This week, GDI caught up with WhiteLabelDating’s Head of Account Management and Business Development Dave Adams, who has been a part of the operation for more than eight years.

WhiteLabelDating is one of the biggest white label providers in Europe, helping affiliates, businesses and media companies effortlessly create their own online dating platforms. 

First launched in 2003, WLD has now helped more than 49,000 different partners generate almost $400,000,000 from a variety of niche offerings. 

After sustained success in the UK, WLD is now looking to up its impact across the pond by opening a fresh new US office during 2020. 

Adams joined GDI to discuss why more companies want to get involved in online dating, how WLD helps partners utilise their income stream to generate maximum profits and what he thinks the future of the industry is going to look like.

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