The ‘McPartland Review of Cyber Security and Economic Growth’ Shares Recommendations Applicable For Online Dating Industry

The latest McPartland Review into Cyber Security and Economic Growth has made a number of recommendations that could impact online dating if adopted by the next UK government, according to Chief Executive Officer of the Online Dating and Discovery Association (ODDA), Simon Newman. 

Released late May, the report by the Rt Hon Stephen McPartland MP supports the implementation of the National Cyber Stratefy 2022-2030, charting the government’s vision for a ‘secure and prosperous cyberspace’. 

The extensive report shares a number of recommendations for working towards making the UK a global cyber power and “the safest place in the world to do business and the toughest place in the world to commit cybercrime.”

In sharing the report, Simon Newman of the ODDA identified seven key pointers that may impact the dating industry, including the introduction of a new Cyber Charter, aimed at empowering organisations to share their cyber security expertise with their 3rd party supplies to better standards. A ‘Cyber Governance Code of Practice’ requirement for all businesses in the cyber space was also proposed. 

Other recommendations in the report included increased reporting by organisations to help avoid cyber-attacks and a call for greater transparency from large organisations in disclosing how they govern digital risk and enhance their cyber resilience. 

Read the full report McPartland Review into Cyber Security and Economic Growth here.

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