Tinder Changes Algorithms and Removes ‘Elo Scores’

Tinder has updated its algorithms by getting rid of the infamous ‘Elo Score’ which reportedly ranked users based on their perceived desirability.

In a new blog post, the dating app didn’t explicitly detail how the new algorithm works but did give some insight into its functions. It said: “Elo is old news at Tinder. It’s an outdated measure and our cutting-edge technology no longer relies on it.”

Previously, every time a single got a match they would receive points toward their ‘Elo Score’. Users with higher scores would get their profiles placed higher up in the stack.

The blog post continued: “This part of our algorithm compared Likes and Nopes, and was utilized to show you potential matches who may be a fit for you, based on similarities in the way others would engage with profiles.

“Based on those profile ratings you received, there was a ‘score’ — in the sense that it was represented with a numeric value in our systems so that it could factor into the other facets in our algorithm.”

Readers were told that the best thing they could do to increase their visibility now is to regularly use the app as the most active profiles will always appear higher. Furthermore, age, gender and location also have a considerable impact.

Due to Tinder’s minimalistic profile design compared to other platforms, readers were assured that the app doesn’t store private information, such as religion, ethnicity and religion.

The dating app also claims that this disinterest in a user’s race means more interracial couples are matching and getting married. Following a strong petition from Tinder, interracial couple emojis were released earlier this month.

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