Tinder Partners with Relationship Scientist to Publish Tips for Introvert Daters 

Tinder has partnered with relationship scientist and psychologist Dr Tila Pronk to share its ‘Introvert Dating Guide’. 

According to the dating app, the term ‘introvert’ is 33% more common than ‘extrovert’ in Tinder bios. Introverted Tinder users are 40% more likely to say they are still exploring their relationship intentions, the research says, with introverts 15% more likely to seek only friendship on the app.

“Introverts need more time to enter into new relationships. While extroverts can build an intense bond in a short time, this process is usually different for introverts. They are more cautious and do not open themselves up immediately. They take things more calmly. time to make an emotional connection and their relationships slowly blossom,” says Dr Pronk, before continuing: “This style fits well with online dating and that is why introverts often prefer it.” 

The Introvert Dating Guide incorporates six tips from Dr Pronk designed to help introverts overcome the barriers to dating online and make the experience more enjoyable. They include advising people to be themself, rather than falling prey to the temptation of sharing an ‘Instagrammable’ version, and unmatching when necessary. Being clear about your preferences for IRL meetings, stepping out of your comfort zone to avoid cancelling dates last minute, and thinking in advance about opening questions for in-person dates also feature. 

According to Tila, getting to know people online offers introverts a safe space in which to feel out meeting in person too. 

 “When you meet someone online, you can think longer about what you are going to say and decide in peace how you want to respond to someone or how you want to open a conversation. This also makes it a safe environment to get to know a new person. Another advantage is that you can say a lot about yourself through your profile. This will make it easier for you to talk to people who already find you interesting based on that, and you don’t have to be unsure about this in a first conversation.”

She concludes: “Research shows that introverts are better at showing their ‘true self’ online than in real life. Talking to new people also puts you in a better mood, even for the most introverted people! In fact, this makes introverts even happier than extroverts.” 

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