FROM THE WEB: ‘These Dating Sites Want Your Blood Type And Other Surprising Details’ – Forbes


An article by Adam Tanner on Forbes looks at the kind of personal data people put on Indian dating sites, and the privacy implications of sharing this information.

Blood type, exact birth date, annual income and HIV status are all details listed on sites like, and Tanner – a personal data writer who has written about Indian dating sites before – talks about how easy it is to re-identiy someone from this information.

Using details from a 27-year-old woman’s dating profile, he was able to find her contact information after a few easy searches.

This is especially a problem because it is often family members or friends who will upload these profiles – Shaadi’s COO, Gourav Rakshit, said 30% of their 30m profiles are from siblings and parents.

Read Tanner’s article here.