This Is Your 3D Printed Tinder Profile


What would a real life representation of your online dating life look like?

That’s what a creative programmer has attempted to answer with his latest project – turning singles’ Tinder history into pieces of art.

The art experiment first takes the raw data from a Tinder profile, recording both the number of matches created, and the distance from each match.


By processing this information, the coder then uses the data to visualise it as an object, with the number of matches forming the gem’s vertices, and its distance from the centre corresponding to the proximity of the match.


Once these visualisations have been created by code, they are formed in real life by a 3D printer.

The experiment comes from Nahuel Coppero, who describes himself as a creative coder that mixes art, programming and design.

Argentinian Coppero says his passion is “working in the generative field, where I find the poetry of the code applied to the aesthetic.”

Check out Coppero’s Tinder Gem designs below: