Zoosk’s New CEO Speaks About Demands Of Leadership

zooskTaking over a huge company is always a daunting prospect, but an even more formidable one if you have never helmed a business before.

That was the position Kelly Steckelberg found herself in when she was offered the role of CEO by Zoosk co-founders Shayan Zadeh and Alex Mehr last year.

Steckelberg had been at Zoosk for many years, acting as both COO and CFO, but the new position offered an entirely different leadership proposition.

In a recent article for Fortune, the CEO describes how she managed the shift, and what new measures and ideas she implemented to help define the new chapter of the company under her leadership.

She talks about initially holding very open and honest conversations with department heads, introducing an incredibly fruitful hack day, and how she learned to often step back and lead by listening to the talented team surrounding her.

Read the article over at Fortune.