This TedTalk Says Online Dating Sites Are Collecting The Wrong Data


If you missed it, check out this TedTalk by professor of psychology Eli Finkel, on whether technology, and the algorithms that dating sites currently use, can really find us love.

In his talk at Northwestern University, Finkel argues that using shared personal information to match people together is not as effective as using data related to the interaction between two people.

He says that analysing traits like language patterns, body language and other such “non-conscious synchrony” can be much more useful in determining mutual attraction.

Finkel says that while many different algorithms have been built by online dating sites that use personal individualistic data to match users, “to date, no matchmaking algorithm has been built to capitalise on couple-level or dyadic data”.

And with such technology like Siri, facial recognition and video calling, Finkel argues that “for the first time it is tantalisingly within reach that we can build a matchmaking algorithm that actually sets people up with partners with whom they are truly romantically compatible with”, by incorporating such non-conscious synchrony features into new matching systems. 

Watch Finkel’s talk below: