See How The Apple Watch Works With New Guided Tours


As the tech world gears up for the launch of the Apple Watch this month, the Cupertino company have released a series of guided tours to show how the wearable functions.

While much has been written about the upcoming watch, it’s often hard to visualise how the device will actually perform – especially for those wondering whether their app could work on the wearable.

Apple’s guided tours walk you through the smartwatch’s new interactions and technology, showing how the digital crown, notifications, faces and messages work.


So far, there are four videos available – welcome to apple watch, messages, faces and digital touch – with more coming in the next few weeks.

The digital touch video may be of interest to dating providers, as it offers a look at some of the more personal features that could be used on dating apps.

Watch the guided tours here, and read Wired’s excellent piece The Secret History of the Apple Watch here.