FROM THE WEB: Why Tech Doesn’t Matter For Dating Apps


It’s not tech that matters for successful dating apps – but the marketing, and the kind of users this brings to a service.

That’s the theory laid out by Maureen O’Connor in the NYMag, who became a sex columnist after breaking up with her boyfriend, and began testing lots of dating apps currently out there.

She believes that the type of people a dating service attracts is by far and away its most important characteristic.

As she says: “This idea is so simple that it almost defies explanation. We choose our dating apps the same way we choose bars, parties, coffee shops, concerts, and everywhere else we go with the vague hope of finding a mate – based on the people.”

This idea has recently been put into practice in the industry, with the emergence of curated apps like The League, Raya and Hinge – all targeting a certain aspect of society, and standing in opposition to the overwhelming, unfiltered world of Tinder.

Check out O’Connor’s article here.