FROM THE WEB: Online Dating And The Statistical Dark Arts

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In the online dating industry, companies and experts are constantly creating surveys and tests in an attempt to quantify the success of modern dating platforms.

This recent blog post by Giles Hooker of, talks about choosing the right model when analysing this type of experimental data, and the various factors that can often affect results of widespread online dating surveys.

The interesting article outlines the key decisions that have to be made when it comes to analysing data, contextualising the discussion with a study funded by eHarmony, which examined the success of relationships that began on online dating sites.

Hooker looks at the overall results of the study and the methodology used in the report’s various surveys, to assess the strengths and weaknesses of statistical data within the online dating industry.

The post also details many of the key questions a reporter should ask when dealing with data released in studies and scientific experiments of this kind.

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