10 Things We Learned From Sean Rad’s TechCrunch Interview


Today, Tinder co-founder and President Sean Rad spoke at TechCrunch Disrupt in New York.

In a wide-ranging interview with TechCrunch’s Jordan Crook, Rad was asked about their recently released premium service Tinder Plus, their moves into advertising and Tinder’s plans for new product features.

Here are 10 things we learned from his interview:

  1. Says new CEO Chris Payne is bringing “a level of maturity and experience” that Tinder didn’t previously have before. Rad says he is “incredibly happy” with how it’s going.
  2. They didn’t make any money off the Jason Derulo partnership. Tinder is also throwing events with Derulo around the world.
  3. For in-app video ads like the Bud Light campaign, Tinder collects data about whether singles swipe right or left on the ads, and are using it as a way of targeting users in the future. They can also give this data back to the brands.
  4. Tinder’s swipe limit, internally known as “bouncer”, has increased average number of conversations and messages by 20%. It has also apparently drastically reduced spam – company is “incredibly satisfied” with the results.
  5. Bouncer was designed to educate users to be more selective.
  6. Admits Tinder has two levels: surface level is “fun, light experience”, and second is a deeper “transformative” level. Rad said users might not initially intend to meet people on Tinder, but then go on to have meaningful real world connections.
  7. When asked about Tinder Plus’s different price bands depending on your age, said: “Our intent is to provide a discount for our younger users.” This comment was met with laughs and groans from the TechCrunch audience.
  8. Tinder is planning a new product launch soon. When pressed about potential features, calls direct photo messaging “boring”, says the company has “bigger ambitions.”
  9. New feature will likely see Tinder evolve from swiping mechanism. Company is looking for new ways of connecting people, not in different verticals such as business, but in ways other than the double right swipe.
  10. Rad couldn’t confirm whether Leonardo DiCaprio was on Tinder.

Check out the full interview below: