FROM THE WEB: Tracking The Impact of Google’s Algorithm Changes

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There has been a number of big changes to Google’s search algorithms this year, the tech company adjusting to an increasingly mobile landscape.

A recent blog post by Graham Charlton, Editor in Chief at Econsultancy, looks at how updates to Google’s algorithm have affected the search visibility of certain brands.

Google updates have always been daunting for companies aiming for successful search optimisation, but Charlton says this year’s changes are not as disconcerting as they may appear.

He uses the mobile-friendly update as an example of this common misconception.

“Google is focusing more on UX related ranking factors, and mobile is an obvious area where the user experience was poorer for a significant number of searchers thanks to sites that hadn’t been optimised for mobile. The update was trailed in advance, so sites that haven’t optimised for mobile shouldn’t be too surprised.”

He takes two industries as an example, looking at both electrical retail and the flight industry, to see how the changes have affected the top brands in these different sectors.

Charlton uses data from both industries to track search visibility against known algorithm updates.

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