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A Consumer Guide To Protecting Your Internet Security


With data security the big issue in online dating at the moment, a computer solutions company has created a guide to help internet users become aware of the ways they can protect themselves online.

The infographic, created by Colm Stafford, Managing Director of I.T Solutions company ERS Ltd, covers the “area of security for Internet users.”

Not only does the graphic break down some of the most common terminology related to internet security, it also outlines seven safe practices that internet users can apply to improve their online security.

These tips include protecting wifi with passwords, efficient security questions and opting for two-factor authentication.

It also details the importance of securing your wifi routers in order to keep personal and business systems protected.

Stafford said: “This is a really important area and is becoming even more relevant today as the amount of phishing scams, amongst others, continues to rise.”

Check out the full infographic below:


Danielle White

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