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FROM THE WEB: Dating App Overload

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In the last week two websites have published articles about the overload of mobile dating apps.

Carmel Deamicis has written an article on called “We’re on the precipice of dating app burnout”, which argues these apps can’t all last, as dating apps require large numbers in order to be successful.

She mentions Catalyst, which has been met by many as a bridge too far, perhaps suffering from being released at the tail-end of Tinder’s initial buzz.

As Carmel says, the app is “like foursquare meets Tinder. You check into the bar, cafe, bookshop, or restaurant you’re in, and you’ll be able to see any other Catalyst users who have also checked in.”

Caitlin McGarry from has also written a blog on the subject, called “‘Dating’ apps are ruining America”.

She focuses on how apps are “getting creepier”, saying ratings and swiping are increasing the gulf between the offline and online world, despite intending the reverse.

She cites rebranded Down, which uses an algorithm to figure out what level of attractiveness you and a potential partner reach. 

She says: “Hookup apps reduce people to profile pics, and the act of going out to meet someone is negated by the app’s handy geolocator.”

Considering the proliferation of Tinder and Tinder-related stories and opinion pieces in the mainstream press, it’s not surprising signs of a backlash are emerging.

And because dating apps are now firmly on journalists’ radar, the more aware the public become and as so often happens, they become jaded and interest wanes.

There is still the question of whether Tinder will maintain its popularity as their buzz diminishes, and some of the smaller apps will certainly be worried about their lifespan once this happens.

Read the Pandodaily piece here, and the TechHive piece here.

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