FROM THE WEB: Lunch with the FT: Barry Diller


Barry Diller, the Chairman of IAC and media mogul whose career spans over 50 years, was the subject of the latest Lunch with the FT at the weekend.

The FT’s global media editor Matthew Garrahan meets Diller at the Grill Room in the Four Seasons on East 52nd Street, New York.

In a room full New York’s business elite, who greet the 73-year-old and offer snippets of gossip, Diller has his own off-menu, personalised meal.

Their conversation spans Diller’s career, which has seen him lead programming at ABC during the late 60s, be chairman of Paramount Pictures while partying in Studio 54 during the 70s, green-lighting The Simpsons, to serving as Chairman of IAC, which owns The Match Group, and Vimeo.

As Garrahan says: “Forget F Scott Fitzgerald’s line about there being no second acts in American lives: Diller is on his fourth or fifth.”

Read the interview here.