Sam Yagan Talks Syrian Heritage In Personal Interview Following IPO

Sam Yagan 2

Sam Yagan and The Match Group have had an incredibly busy year, last week completing its long-awaited IPO with the eyes of the dating, business and tech world firmly on them, along with further consolidating the company’s position of power with the massive $575m acquisition of Plenty of Fish.

However in a recent interview with the Chicago Sun-Times, it is a different topic that Yagan opens up about – the fact that the 38-year-old is the son of Syrian immigrants.

In the interview, Yagan reflects on his family’s Syrian heritage, the immense trouble in the region, and the anti-immigration sentiment that has arisen in many areas following the Paris atrocities earlier this month.

Speaking about this, Yagan says: “Mostly, I’m saddened – by the policy and by the discrimination that leads to that. I’m also just tremendously disappointed. We are a nation of immigrants.”

Read the full interview here.