FROM THE WEB: Staying Relevant In The World Of Dating Apps


When it comes to choosing a dating app to help you find a new relationship, you really are spoilt for choice.

Every one of today’s modern dating apps is in constant competition with other platforms, in an effort to try make its services the most unique and appealing to potential users.

This article, published by PR week offers an insight into the types of creative marketing strategies being used by successful dating apps to ensure they stay relevant amongst competitors.

Written by Chris Daniels, the post explores how you can “carve out – and keep – your niches in the super-saturated world of dating apps.”

He looks at the creative marketing of some of the top players in the online dating industry, used to help differentiate themselves in a sea of competition.

In efforts to offer users something new, Tinder and Grindr have previously teamed up with the music industry, whilst Zoosk integrated advertising from Dunkin’ Donuts into its social media content.

Daniels uses comments from Andrew Bloch, founder and group MD at Frank PR, which was hired last year to aid with the launch of Tickr.

Bloch notes: “You see most new dating apps immediately compared to Tinder. Now, more than ever, dating apps are looking for points of difference.

“They’re also quickly waking up to the fact that [partnerships with] brands provide a valuable source of additional revenue, as well as an opportunity to differentiate and create PR opportunities.”

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