FROM THE WEB: The Future Of Emotion-Sensing Wearables


This interesting post by TechCrunch looks into the not-so “purely theoretical concept” of the Emotional Internet.

The article, written by Gareth Price begins: “Wearables currently decipher physiological biometrics: heart rate, pulse, caloric intake.

“But in the coming years, we’ll see emotion-sensing wearable technology that clues us into specific human emotions.”

Price outlines a few companies who are already attempting to integrate human emotion with each of their individual technologies, and identifies the key challenges of establishing this technology.

These challenges include setting a definitive standard for what is “happy,” “sad,” “angry” etc, which can then be used by all emotion-sensing wearables.

Price notes: “We are coming closer than we think to technology that can actually make us happier. It starts with machines, likely in the form of wearable technologies, that can read and interpret emotional information.

“Once we bring in the human element and share this information with each other, we will realise much broader implications.”

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