Apple Watch Architect Gives Insight Into Working With Jony Ive’s Apple Design Team


The creator of one of the most important parts of the Apple Watch has given some insight into what it is like working with Apple and Jony Ive’s design team.

Bob Messerschmidt and his team built the heart rate sensors that were used on the Apple Watch, after his startup was acquired by Apple in 2010.

And in a recent Fast Company article, Messerschmidt lifts the lid on working with Apple’s fêted Industrial Design Group, and the lessons he learned during this time at the tech giant.

Aside from interesting insights into the development of the Apple Watch, the founder talks about how design and user experience is “everything” when it comes to Apple’s products.

As he says, it’s not so much the technology – most of which isn’t that new – but rather the design of the product that “creates that sense of happiness in the user.”

Messerschmidt also speaks about how integral the company structure is to Apple’s success, mentioning how they keep the engineering & marketing teams – who both think they run the show – separated, instead running both sides through a centralised committee.

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