Could Mobile Gaming Be The New Way To Date Online?

Mobile Gaming
With the boom in social media and networking sites in today’s society, many people are now turning to the internet to find companionship.

However, with this, comes an emphasis on the use of images to find love which is a concept that can be very intimating to some, especially introverts.

An article by Geektime has revealed how mobile gaming could be the starting block for introverts and gamer’s to find love through the virtual world.

With mobile gaming, people can now use in-game chat forums to talk to other players, bringing the gaming world into the more social sphere.

As well as this, statistics reveal that 42% of women and 26% of men find themselves attracted to other gamers, and 40% are comfortable to discuss sensitive issues with those that they meet within games.

These figures could indicate that this may be a new platform for online dating, bringing people together through their love of gaming.

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