Daily Nation Speaks To DateMeKenya’s CEO About The Kenyan Dating Market


In a recent article, Daily Nation speaks to the CEO of DateMeKenya, Ian Isherwood, about the site and the online dating market in Kenya.

The article reveals that DateMeKenya currently has 43,000 users and that around 1,000 people sign up to the site every month.

According to Daily Nation, women tend to be more active on the site in comparison to men and DateMeKenya’s speed dating events in Nairobi have seen more participation from women – men in Kenya tend to be less forward in comparison to men in other countries, the article says.

Despite being the CEO of a dating company, Isherwood says that he still sees meeting partners through mutual connections as the best way of finding someone.

He said: “I believe in putting yourself out there. If you are single and searching, do the same thing you would do when job hunting.

“That’s actually how I ended up meeting my girlfriend – she was chatting to a friend of mine at a party then he was shouting at me from across the room to come and meet her because she checked out on most of the things I said I was looking for.

“But he wouldn’t have known that if I hadn’t told him! Why are many Kenyans not open to telling even their close friends to set them up on dates with their other friends?”

You can read the full article here.