DatePlay’s Vana Koutsomitis Speaks About What It’s Like To Launch A New App


In a recent Huffington Post article, Apprentice runner-up and co-founder of DatePlay, Vana Koutsomitis, offers insight into what it’s like to launch a new app and the concerns she faced during the process.

Having finally launched DatePlay on Valentine’s Day 2017, Koutsomitis explains that the original release date for the gamified dating app was set to be Autumn of last year.

However, because of a number of glitches (such as the formatting of the chat function and issues with people’s high school, rather than university, being pulled from their Facebook accounts), DatePlay’s release date was pushed back.

It wasn’t until a mentor told Koutsomitis and DatePlay co-founder and Chief of Operations Joris Magenti that the app was never going to be perfect, that the pair finally decided to launch.

Koutsomitis said: “I’m happy that we pulled the trigger and released it because now we are getting more user feedback than ever.

“And we have a ton of work to do. Our app is nowhere near perfect. I hope that this post helps other early stage app companies make the difficult, scary choice to pull the trigger and launch their product!

“Even if it’s not completely ready. Just do it.”

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