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Does Technology Actually Improve Our Happiness?


A recent article on TechCrunch explores the topic of happiness, looking at the ways technology is trying to improve our moods, and whether it can actually be effective at making us happy.

Despite being one of the richest and most developed countries in the world, America is in fact the 15th happiest, according to the World Happiness Report.

TechCrunch explores the growth of technology, saying the emergence of innovative new products or amazing advances in technology are quickly just taken for granted, meaning there is often “no permanent or net gain in happiness”.

The author, Andrew Heikkila also speaks about a study referenced in a video called How Much Money is LOVE Worth?, which compared the amount happiness felt from hearing somebody say “I love you” against the amount of happiness gamblers feel when they win large sums of money.

As Heikkila says: “The study concluded that hearing someone loves you for the first time is the equivalent happiness level of receiving $267,000. Yet, if you asked what people would choose — hearing “I love you” or a quarter of a million dollars — which do you think it would be?”

Read the full article here.

Emma Woodley

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