FROM THE WEB: Dating Journalist Andy Jones Looks At The Future Of Online Dating

The Future Of Dating
For a recent article on Wareable, dating journalist Andy Jones looks into what the future could hold for online dating.

He speaks about how apps are already starting to be more experimental with their methods, such as French app Once, who are already tracking how users feel about their matches by monitoring their heart rate with Fitbits when they receive a match.

Another company that could push dating forward is New Deal Design, whose “digital tattoo concept” Project Underskin aims to put tattoos under your skin, conceivably helping you to “visualise your partner’s health, mood or feelings and even glow a loving shade of red when you and your partner hold hands.”

Jones also speaks about eHarmony’s recent study with Imperial College Business School about the dating methods of the future, and why VR dates, DNA matching and even robots could figure in the next era of online dating.

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