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FROM THE WEB: Is Online Dating Putting Women At A Disadvantage?


A recent article by Salon questions whether online dating is a good tool for women, discussing how different genders use online dating and why women might find the experience disheartening.

Salon’s Maegan Carberry talks to a number of researchers, who offer their opinions on whether women are at an evolutionary disadvantage in the digital age.

Neuroscientist at The University of California, San Francisco and author of “The Female Brain” and “The Male Brain”, Louann Brizendine, says that women are disadvantaged online due to the omission of cues like eye contact and physical demeanour – she says this reduces women to “physical appearance and willingness to copulate”.

However, founder of eFlirt Laurie Davis highlights that online dating offers people a larger pool of potential matches and therefore increases the opportunity to meet someone.

Davis also says that people can learn more about potential dates prior to meeting, which can “generate leads and offer some indicators of compatibility”.

Carberry also touches on how dating platforms tailor to different genders and speaks to Her founder Robyn Exton, who says: “The way men and women date is so different. Guys come in looking for the outcome they want and they take the steps to get there.

“Women have multiple desired outcomes, especially in the queer community. They’re looking first for friendship, and it would be great if there’s an attraction.

“It’s not as clear to them what they’re looking for, and it’s much more about browsing and absorbing each other’s behavior.”

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