FROM THE WEB: Millennials Are Still Hopeful Of Finding Love Online


A recent Bustle article has revealed that Millennials are still hopeful that they will find love online.

Looking at Hinge’s new book “IRL” and Match’s “Singles In America” study, the article offers seven statistics on why online dating might be a good way to find love.

According to IRL, a huge 93% of Hinge members are open to a relationship and 78% surveyed said they knew a couple who had met online.

And Match’s Singles In America study found that Millennials are a whopping 125% more likely to claim that they are “addicted” to finding someone and are 57% more likely to have made a dating profile, compared to any other generation.

Bustle said: “If you’re a single Millennial, you’re probably familiar with the endless struggle of trying to find love on dating apps.

“Sure, it doesn’t take much effort to download an app and swipe right, but after that, online dating can be a serious sh*t-show.

“Trying to find a real connection on a dating app requires a lot of patience: you have to deal with all the bad behaviors that plague modern dating, from breadcrumbing to receiving massively mixed signals.

“So with all the downright infuriating nonsense Millennial daters have to endure, you might assume that our whole generation has become cynical AF about love, right?

“It might sound crazy, but apparently, our generation is still pretty damn optimistic about finding love.”

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