FROM THE WEB: Startup Era Is Over, As Big Business Takes Control

A new op ed in TechCrunch argues that the Silicon Valley “moment” is over.

Jon Evans argues that while other startup scenes, whether in Toronto, Berlin, London or Denver, are seeking to be “the new Silicon Valley”, in the Valley itself “it feels like the golden age of the startup is already over.”

The writer is a novelist, journalist, and software engineer, and current CTO of Brooklyn-based product engineering firm HappyFunCorp.

Evans writes: “We live in a new world now, and it favors the big, not the small. The pendulum has already begun to swing back. Big businesses and executives, rather than startups and entrepreneurs, will own the next decade; today’s graduates are much more likely to work for Mark Zuckerberg than follow in his footsteps.

“The web has been occupied and colonized by big business; everyone already has a smartphone, and big companies dominate the App Store; and, most of all, today’s new technologies are complicated, expensive, and favor organizations that have huge amounts of scale and capital already.”

Read it here.