FROM THE WEB: How Does Google’s RankBrain Impact Search Traffic?

In 2015, Google released machine learning system RankBrain to the public, in an effort to better refine searches and improve SEO on the search engine.

A recent article by Andrew Broadbent on The Next Web goes into more detail about Google’s tool and explains how it works and why it is vital that businesses understand the platform in order to remain competitive.

The article explains that RankBrain is set up to better understand what people mean by the words and phrases that are typed into Google, and decipher what they’re actually looking for.

RankBrain analyses the language used within websites and applies this to specific searches.

As Boardbent says: “RankBrain was designed to better analyze the language of websites in Google’s index in order to apply that analysis to a particular search query.

“Because there are a number of core algorithms that exist to parse queries in Google’s search pages, it is RankBrain’s job to learn what mixture of these core algorithms can best be applied to each type of search result.

“By better understanding the search query, Google’s search has a more precise ability to match users with websites and pages.”

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