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FROM THE WEB: ‘What I Learned From 10 Years of Doing PR for Apple’


One of Apple’s early communications executives has given a run down of the top PR lessons he learned while working at the company.

Cameron Craig joined Apple in 1997 when Steve Jobs had returned to the business, and he stayed for the next 10 years, working his way up to joining the product PR team at Apple’s Cupertino headquarters.

And for a new article in the Harvard Business Review, Cook runs down the top five tips he learned at Apple that “have played a huge influence on how I approach the craft of communications still today.”

Tips include ensuring any press materials are kept incredibly simple – passing a readability level for an “average 4th grader” – as well as only contacting reporters when the company has something important to announce.

The most important lesson, he says, was to respect your brand, writing: “It’s your biggest asset and you have to protect it. Think twice before giving away your products in a raffle. Think carefully about what other brands you associate with. Think different in your approach and aim to stand out from the pack.”

Read the article here.

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