FROM THE WEB: What’s Next For The Technology Industry


Now that the so-called “smartphone wars” have come to an end, TechCrunch questions what is next for the technology industry.

In a recent article, TechCrunch gave a breakdown of the kind of tech we could be seeing in the future and the next big trends in the industry.

It looks at the rise of AI and how it could lead to “computers that can see and know what they’re seeing” and touches on how AR/VR might change a number of sectors.

TechCrunch also touches on the use of drones and how they could alter the transportation of goods and the way that industries like defence, the military, disaster response and surveillance operate.

However, the article also notes that these technologies aren’t likely to be introduced anytime soon – TechCrunch predicts that a lot of this technology won’t come in until around 2020.

TechCrunch writes: “Startups and investors don’t want this pause at all; they want a brand-new smartphone-sized gold rush, and they want it now.

“Hence their desperation to e.g. make chatbots happen. But given the scale of the manifold changes coming our way, maybe a year or three to catch our collective breath, to ready ourselves, won’t be such a bad thing.

“Because it seems clear that the rate of change of the 2020s is going to make these topsy-turvy teens look like stasis.”

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