Grindr CTO Reveals How The App Scaled To 2m Daily Users


The CTO of leading gay dating app Grindr has revealed how the platform scaled to accommodate 2,000,000 daily active users.

During an interview with VentureBeat, Lukas Sliwka explains how the key to the app’s ongoing success is thanks to finding a balance between growing fast and enforcing solid and lean engineering practices – noting how the app focused too much on time-to-market in the beginning.

In terms of using location data, the app’s chief of technology notes how it sees a “strong correlation” between organic growth and end-user response time.

Sliwka also outlines how the app developed its own push notification system, and is using it to improve user retention and conversion rates.

And when asked what he would change if the company was to start over, Sliwka said that he would focus on growing the team sooner, by partnering with developer shops across Argentina and Europe.

Check out the full interview here.