Interana Talks How Analytics Platform Has Helped Tinder’s Marketers Track Campaigns


Interana has recently spoken about how its analytics platform has helped Tinder with its marketing efforts.

By segmenting its users into cohorts using Interana’s platform, Tinder’s marketers were able to look at particular groups, such as college students, and track how certain marketing strategies paid off.

For example, Tinder’s list of Most Swiped Right Schools was sent out by the marketing team and picked up by Time, People and Bustle, and the company could then use Interana to track how much influence the article had on registrations.

As the company said: “These deep dives into cross sections of users help marketers better communicate with potential users, and better nurture current users. Quantitative analysis is an important part of any marketing team’s ability to construct a robust profile for its customers.”

Interana is a Redwood City-based company that was founded by former directors and executives from Facebook, Intel and Google, and has raised over $28.2m in funding from investors including Battery Ventures, Data Collective and YCombinator.

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